~~~~~~~~~~PSYCHEDELIC  IS  THE  NEW  CHILDHOOD~~~~~~~~~~
Video Installation || Sound Installation || Live Music || Live Visuals || Dancing
|||19.00 Video Installation with Two Screens (Selected by Pugnant Film Series + Trashxploitation)
~Screen 1(Curated by Pugnant Film Series)
\\Accident de personne  || Katagami || Anarchy in China  || Without A Soul || Houndsoflove ||
Sans Titre || The heat cognition || EL Diezmo //~Screen2 (Curated by Trashxploitation Festival)
\\ (( ( (()) ) )) ||
Pulpa || Whatcha Say Boi || Delirium and Vera Bacteria take Miami! || 17:17 || BODY OF WORK || J'adore le sport || COSMOSEA II Phone transition 1 || Phone transition 2 || RIOT PORN TAPE FROM BICRAVMAGA CHOURAVPARTI ||Horrific: Urami || "Art and Capitalism" || Deepest Parts || "M comme Marche C comme Ca" || "Là" || The Opening From || Clairvoyance || Jingle Haiku || EUROBET || Logan & Royce || Google Googles Himself || Licorne || Tissues || MONUMENT TO THE UNKNOWN CLUBBER //
|||21.00 Video Installation + Sound Installation + Live Music + Live Visuals + Dancing
(Artists: Axaireftos + George Kokkinaris + Matina Kokolaki + kioy & tzenai)

28/3 ||| 19:00
Come Alone
Λοχαγού Γιαννοπούλου 9, Ζωγράφου
Είσοδος με ελεύθερη συνεισφορά

Analytic Program

 Accident de personne / Alvaro Martin, Spain, 3:35
 We create metaphors in order to mention facts we don't want to talk about
 Katagami / Michael Lyons, Japan, 3:14 
A joyful play with ambiguous perception, small variations in the repeating pattern elements generate apparent motion.
Anarchy in China / Jaime Cleeland, China, 7:39
The last part of a trilogy of experimental Clown works. Featuring noise released by Feed Me Glass records. Filmed in China without any official permissions.
 Without A Soul / Gio Lingao, Plilippines, 3:00
 Without A Soul is an experimental visual poem composed of black and white images of a bedridden man and his thoughts about existence.
Houndsoflove / Antonella (Eye) Porcelluzzi, France/Germany, 5:41
 the film was born as a clip for my track "Houndsovlove", a cover of the Kate Bush track, set in music by Vaders Orchestra, a german musician.
Sans Titre / Karl Heil, Germany, 1:15
Two different seasons, two different places, united in one picture.A bunch of craws are watching an icescater.
The heat cognition / Salvatore Insana, Italy, 11:37
The heat cognition. a summer day in a city park. a scorcher. Those who can not escape looking surrogates to their holiday mood. The beaches are colored in green and off-stage feeds the view. childish and burned plots views. Pursuits to loss of sight.
EL Diezmo /Jean-Jacques Martinod, Canada / Ecuador / 13:04
In an ubiquitous void a tongueless voice speaks.

Curated by Vladimir Palibrk

(( ( (()) ) ))  /Mark Tholander, Denmark, 2:23
There is established a code in the world. Of this code, we are now always pervaded.
Pulpa / Nina Corti, Latin America, 2:18
Juicy inner exploration of the inner forests and oceans. Exploration about the pornographic exhibition of intimacy in digital media. An erotic-gastronomic-visual experience.
Whatcha Say Boi, / Zander Porter, USA/Germany, 1:00
Whatcha Say-boi is the man of dreams, the vampire of evil, and a personalized avatar-sexbot. He can also play sarcastically and sink into nothingness.
Delirium and Vera Bacteria take Miami! / Sid Vian, 2017. UK. 1:22 minutes.
The film is an expression both of creating an incarnation of yourself that is monumental and the anarchy of releasing this creation into the world. It is a marriage of science fiction and gender trouble, it is our love letter to camp.
17:17 / Susu Laroche, UK, 2015. 1'44
17:17 by Susu Laroche featuring New Noveta. 17:17 a car crash. salmon skin cowgirls fight over time. Hand developed 16mm transferred to digital. Original sound New Noveta.
BODY OF WORK / Susu Laroche, UK, 2017. 2:15
Following a series of freak accidents, a tattoo artist sets out to reclaim his body of work. Hand developed 16mm transferred to digital. Original sound by Astrid Gnosis. Drawings by Caleb Kilby.
J'adore le sport / Louise Marvelet, France 2016, 2:07
After reading a mysterious letter, three buddies decide to hit the road. The last sequence is obviously inspired by Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
COSMOSEA II  / Marina Mardas aka Sainte Marina, France,  2017, 1:48
Cosmosea is a triptych dive into synesthesia.
Phone transition 1, / Florent Texier, France, 2018, 3:10
Phone transition 2 / Florent Texier, France, 2018, 3:10
Phone Transition videos are part of a bigger short film project which is about the use of internet, digital devices and data protection. These videos are meant to be read on loop and include pieces of pornographic online videos and social media visual materials.
Lonely Life Lovers Club (collective), Luca Bonanno, Julien Carpentier, Simon Nicolas,
LONELY LIFE LOVERS CLUB is an non-geometrical artist collective who throws bizarre parties, edit music and performance art.
Horrific: Urami /Mikael Kamaji, France 2018, 1:31
I always try to be authentic and to follow my emotions. It’s one of the most important things for me. It is important to follow personal instincts and not let be influenced by any context, even if it’s hard..
"Art and Capitalism", /Alexei Gordin 1,57" HD video, 2017 Estonia
Two characters presenting Art and Capitalism are participating in the running competition. While capitalism runs, Art has stopped to light a cigarette to Alexei Gordin, artist himself.
Deepest Parts / Katarina Lanier, France 2018, 2.19
Sound video word collage steaming in the rafters of conversion
"M comme Marche C comme Ca" / BUG, France, 2017 - 2:59
destruction, solution, idea, fire
"Là" / Aphrodite Fur, France, 2005, 3:24
animation film, a woman beg to be kissed ear, ear, ear, ear.....she beg love, touch ... at the end she's totaly convered and disappeared
The Opening From /Patrick Hughes, 2008, US, 0:52
montage like piece out of an unfinished script
Clairvoyance / Madalina Gaceanu, Andriana Oborocean, Romania, 2017, 02:31
This video is about a young woman's metaphorical portrait.
Jingle Haiku / Akis Karanos, Netherlands, 2014, 01:00
Exploring the gap between senses and visual stimuli, marking the distance between physical and virtual presence.
EUROBET /  148 Produzioni Audiovisive, 2016 - ITALY - 3:00
A videoinstallation realized for the roman artist System Hardware Abnormal, entirely realized sampling frame by frame the Google street view interpolation mistakes. An accelerated overview into the virtual deconstruction of urban spaces.
Logan & Royce /Radek Michalik, 2015, USA, 2:58
Our world has ended. Doesn't mean we can't have any fun!
Google Googles Himself /Ari Gold, USA, 4sec
4 seconds film of a genius
Licorne /Emilie Moutsis, France, 2017, 2:04
Something interesting happens at the sea coast.

Tissues /Lee Sydney, 2018, UK, 1 min 3 sec
Focusing on the notion of possessing a body and flesh in relation to the mind and soul, the work questions the multiplicity of human existence and solitude.
Everybody knows the unknown clubber. Except that nobody knows him. Fan video featuring music of dmntd project.

Axaireftos, George Kokkinaris
kioy & tzenai
Matina Kokolaki