Pugnant Film Series Goes to Punk (3/10/21)


Pugnant Film Series Goes to Punk (3/10/21)


A punk program that will be presented from Pugnant Film Series at Punk Cinema.

3-10-21 at communitism
Kerameikou 28
Time: 19.30

Garoto transcodificado a partir de fosfeno
Rodrigo Faustini

Trapped in phosphene, raw documentary footage reveals its digital self, receding into its abstract infancy, a memory-image unspooled from its dependency on referents, affected by its own internal life. A computer sees without eyes, an algorithm imagines.


  So Beautiful
Scott Fitzpatrick  

Godzila is here.


metro egg
Rebecka Lindmark 

Having an egg at a metro wagon.

Aggelos Kostantinos Afionis - Alexis Avlonitis

We love trees.

Music video: TATRIA - Человек
 Aleksei Klimon 

 Forever Bro
Alexander Isaenko

Young generation is playing with weapons. They are reviving the culture of war. 

 dining room egg
Rebecka Lindmark 

having an egg at the dinning room

Down The Stream
Chi Mai 

 "Not much of a glimmer of hope. No happy ending to follow. The river flows on."

um tùm lum
phạm nguyễn anh tú 
um tùm lum use fantasy, humor, and play to explore themes of queerness, friendship, and memory.

Music video: Baiuca - Caminos
Adrian Canura 

 Anthology of a Butterfly
Kostis Charamountanis 
Plants are immersed in a world of eternal silence. Caterpillars fall from the clouds into salt and what attracts butterflies, those that fly in the stomach?


elevator egg
Rebecka Lindmark 

having an egg at the elevator

Dmitrii Naidenok
a visual piece of art
Don't Break My Heart
Amy Gwatkin
Don't break my heart.

Stephane Rizzi

Spotlight on a Brick Wall
Mike Stoltz

"A performance film that navigates expectations of both the audience and the makers. A series of false starts. Dub treatment on the laugh track."

   lobby egg
     Rebecka Lindmark 
having an egg at the lobby

  Life's a Bath
Fabian Velasco

a hand drawn piece of art